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TALKING PIECE (2016, short) written, directed, and produced by KPage Stuart Valdes
Jason is a well educated Midwestern transplant to Brooklyn who has set his sights on a career in public education. His wife, Julia, is climbing the corporate ladder. Sam and Hugo are two kids of color who have grown up in the cross fires of Brooklyn’s rapid and aggressive gentrification, of which Jason and Julia are a part. When they lock heads with their new principal, Jason, about some troubles they are having outside of school, a firestorm of stereotype and assumptions explodes with both humor and gravity. Talking Piece premiered at Detroit's Charles H Wright Museum of African American History, played in festivals both nationally and internationally, and won the Complex Cultural Currents Award at Stories by the River Festival.

Williamsburgh Independent Film Festival

Baltimore Black Film Festival

Toronto Independent Film and Video Awards (finalist Best Short)

World Arts Festival, DC 

International Black Film Festival in Nashville

St. Louis Black Film Festival

African World Film Festival at Charles H. Wright Museum of  American History in Detroit

Stories by the River Festival ( Best Complex Cultural Currents Award), RI

Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City

London Lift Off Festival

San Francisco Black Film Festival (Honorable Mention Best Short)

FULL Service (2017, short) written, directed, and produced by KPage Stuart Valdes
Abike, a Nigerian born oil industry executive, is driving to a friend's house by way of many winding rural roads when she realizes her tank is needling towards empty. She pulls into the only station she can find where she is greeted by Scott, a local who inherited his business from his grandfather. Scott has never met anyone like Abike. She patiently dissects his assumptions about her life with humor and gravity before leaving him to ponder their commonalties and her power. Full Service explores our propensity to stereotype others, our simplistic ideas around identity, and how we are all more complex than we seem. It is currently in festival submissions and recently won "Best Short" at the Katra Film Series.

African Diaspora Film Festival at Columbia University, NYC

Katra Film Festival, NYC ( Best Short)

New Filmmakers Series at Anthology Film Archives, NYC

San Francisco Black Film Festival ( Honorable Mention Best Short)

Global Impact Film Festival , Washington, DC

Black International Film Festival, Birmingham, UK

Denton Black Film Festival, TX

Global Revolution Film Festival, NY

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival ( Best Short)

Twin Cities Black Film Festival

I Will Tell Festival, London, UK (Best Short Finalist)

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival


Tamara, a 30 something African American child psychiatrist, is a rising star in her field. She is the researcher on a new ADHD drug, she is seeing clients at a clinic, and she has been asked to present at a prestigious conference. When her long time white boyfriend, Bryant, decides to leave her she is thrown for a loop and struggles to keep all of the moving pieces of her life in order. So, when one of her young patients find samples of the drug she is testing, both of them are pushed to their limits and are changed forever. Sundance Finalist Screenwriter's Lab, Best Screenplay California Women's Film Festival

It's the height of the '73 gas crisis and Ahmed Al Rahajman just arrived in Houston from London. He's a star economist and protege to his oil magnate father, and he is about to make the deal of a lifetime. But, when he goes out for a night on the town, he is quickly mistaken for an over dressed and way too overconfident Mexican and is dropped off at the border by some rednecks. Stranded in the desert without a cent or a passport how will he get back to Houston in time for his Monday meeting? Borderline '73 builds to a culture clash of an ending when Ahmed confronts the border runner who stole his papers, the motley group of strangers who are his only hope of getting back to Houston, and his own ideas of trust an power. Sundance Finalist Screenwriter's Lab, Academy Awards Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder.


I am working on a series of sonic portraits that break the fourth wall and film subjects in moments of personal and private ritual. I have composed and performed vocal music scores for each of these pieces.


Bill's Body


Old Anxieties are New Again Old Anxieties Are New Again



I have recently produced and directed a series of six educational videos. We used a three camera set up and captured some really nice cinematic footage inside numerous NYC classrooms. Please contact me if you are interested in making promotional or educational videos for your company.